Airless Dispensing System Overview

Construction: 100% Polyolefin Resins without internal Metal Parts
Finishing / Colors: Natural, Transparent and Custom Colors
Pump: All pumps are 100% tested for guaranteed performance and precise dosage;
95% – 97% Evacuation of Product
Viscosity Range: Light Creams and gels to heavy Pastes
Sizes: Round and Oval with Fill Capacities 30 ml to 150 ml
Actuator Styles: Angled, Cosmetic, Self Sealing, Spout Tip
Decorating: Offset Printing, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, Labeling, Shrink Sleeves, Frost Lacquer, Metallized Caps, Metal Collars, 360 degree Foil Stamping
Filling: Standard tube fill method;
National network of qualified fillers