Airless Dispensing System Technical Specifications

Mini Oval Dispenser
1. Overcap Material: PolyPropylene
2. Actuator Material: PolyPropylene.
Multiple styles
are available
3. Upper Valve Material: LLD PolyEthylene.
Self-Sealing Valve which seals the actuator orifice is shown. Other Upper Valve style consists of a LLDPE Check Valve mounted at the top of the Bellows
4. Collar Material: PolyPropylene
5. Bellows Material: LLD PolyEthylene. Bellows comprises the Pump Chamber and acts as a spring.
6. Lower Valve Material: LLD PolyEthylene. The Lower Valve may be molded integral to the Bellows (as shown), or be a separate component.
7. Your Product
8. Cylinder Body Material: PolyPropylene
9. Piston Material: HD PolyEthylene. Piston has an integral Plug which is closed during filling operation.
10. Bottom Plate Material: PolyPropylene